I presume that most of you would answer “Definitively no!” before reading this blog. Let´s see what you think after going through it…

Lobbies usually work in a cautious and subtle way. They are meant to influence authorities and regulators, and they carry  out their work without being noticed. They assume that private interests require private negotiations,  for being able to pass on pressure without arising conflicts within third parties.

I was actually teaching in B2B that the optimal way of managing them was by face to face Communications, but after reading what has taken place in Australia, I guess I need to review it…

Some weeks ago the then Australian Prime Minister decided that mining companies that export vast quantities of minerals to China should pay much more tax (Autralia Tax Conflict). He introduced a tax proposal to Parliament without consultation with the industry or anyone else for that matter. This was designed to raise $9 billion. The industry instigated a television and print media advertising campaign against this and the government introduced their own counter campaign..

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To cut a long story short, this issue caused the PM to lose his job last week and his successor agreed a deal with the industry in a matter of days. The effectiveness of the campaign was extremely good. The general public tends to side against big business in these issues, but the industry made a great job of demonstrating how mining and mining profits already benefit and support society. Speculation is that they spent $7 million on this and achieved the removal of their antagonist from power while saving $1.5 billion in tax payments. Pretty outstanding, you will agree with me…

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Experiences like this or the one we saw with Obama should give us some food for thought when speaking about Political Marketing:

How shall we manage our Marketing Mix?

How can be take advantage of new marketing tools, globalization and digitalization?

Is there a chance to go for something disruptive before being entangled in a desperate mood?


Ignacio Gafo

PS: Thanks Gary for the email and news.


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