We will need some time to understand what has really happened in Tunisia and Egypt. Not only what has taken place and its mid and long term consequences, but to how it has worked.  However, I would like to share with you some quick thoughts that come to my mind and try to extract some learnings applicable to Marketing. Here I go:

  • End of Imposition. It was somehow explicit in some industries and markets, but now it has become a fact: People are against any sort of imposition, they want to be free to opt from a number of choices. Bad news therefore for political tyrannies and economic monopolies. There is no chance but to compete with others and win the commercial battle by offering, communicating and delivering superior value propositions. It has happened to Mubarak and Ben Ali  in the political area; and has also been the case of Microsoft in the operating system industry and has just started to be suffered by the overpowerful Google…


  • The Digital Era momentum. In a broad sense. We are moving at an amazing speed to a connected and digital world, where people communicate smartly, where everybody has a say, where information flows all around the worked, where mobile and socials communities permit the immediate creation of social movements, worldwide icons and massive trends. It is also interesting to note in this regard, that the success of the creation is not necessarily linked to the veracity or values behind the author…


  • Communities are welcome – individuals just forbidden. Think about the following for a few seconds: Who has led the social and political movements in Egypt and Tunisia? Who has really made the change? I know that the press is desperate to find leaders they can blame  + admire, people they can interview and hold to, someone to make more tangible what is going on. But the response from those movements in North Africa has been systematically the same: No one is leading; it has been a mass movement supported by people with a very concrete profile (in this case Tunisians and Egyptians under 30, bored of being unemployed and corruption).  Same could be said with regards to the boost of new successful companies like Facebook, Wikileads or The Huffinton Post, where no real face could be found although we listen continually about their founders….


  • Give customers what they want – they will not trake anything else! The time where small concessions worked is over. People will tell you what they want, you bet it, and will not accept anything but what they claim. I am pretty sure that some years ago the Egyptians would have accepted the reform offered by Mubarak in his first response; but not anymore. Times have changed and people are better informed, know their rights and will keep on insisting till they get what they think they deserve. And, if you do not listen or are disconnected, you will make Mubarak´s destiny yours…


  • Beware of the Dark Side. We are speaking about a new world, a new set of values and a new required approach. Sounds good and change will indeed happen, if you are aware of  and work with the forces of the Dark Side. In the case of Egypt it was the Army, that condescended with People after having supported Mubarak for more than 30 years, for the sake of survival. So if you are entering into this new world, do not oversee de facto powers that have been and will be there, at least for the time being. You may like them of or not, but it seems smarter to leverage on rather than fighting openly with them… No worries though. There will be a time where I am positive they will comply with us…

I look forward for your thoughts, comments and insight. I am pretty sure I have left out quite a few relevant learning and thing.


Ignacio Gafo


andy zarate February 13, 2011 - 8:03 pm

Good one Ignacio. Just would like to comment that the dar forces will always be there.

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