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Let me start this blog by making a guess. I bet that these questions have come to your mind in the last months:

-       What is Marketing?

-       What are the key principles applicable to it?

-       What are their KSF?

-       If it is an art or science?

-       Has it changed so much over the last years?


You can definitively find a wide variety of defintions about Marketing [2]and I guess that most of them would be ok. Marketing is wide and complex entity made of different perspectives, that each one of us adopt based on our professional and personal experience.

We seemed to be pretty sure about our own interiorized Marketing Definition but nothing seems to be like in the old days! We are facing a new context where:

–       The  customers [3] have evolved amazingly (they really know what they want, want to have a say in our company and are pretty well informed).

–       New Marketing Tools [4] have gained momentum (just take a look at all the Digital Apps [5] to understand what I mean), and the old ones do not seem to work as they used to (take a look at tv campaigns [6] for instance).

–       Efficiency and ROI [7] seem to mandate any marketing decision to be made.


Has it changed so much?  I do personally have the opinion that the principles have not changed and we actually keep on doing the same: Satisfying needs in a profitable way, by the successful management and application of three core attributes:

1.     Common Sense.

2.     Trust

3.     Think Different!!!

Those of you that followed my postings for years, know that I have placed most of my emphasis in the latter (THINK DIFFERENT!!!), assuming that the other two where there.  However, I have systematically found in the last years that is not the case and need to bring them back to our marketing management…


COMMON SENSE should be the basis of any management decision. I would say that it is not only a question of being logical, reasonable and fact based. In the specific case of Marketing it would imply applying the described logic, upon considering the core marketing principles underlying the science of Marketing.

The latter is the first step but is not enough in itself. Sticking to it would lead us to a non-creative approach, to a lack of innovation, that eventually lead our brands and propositions to a “me too” positioning, where the only differential element is price. In consequence, we need to apply a THINK DIFFERENT!!! approach based on new ways of thinking, new ways of addressing [10] our customers, new business models [11] and new ways of management. That will lead us, at least for the short and medium term, to an edge over competition.


So the question would then be, what do we need to make the edge sustainable? Very simple: Build (real) TRUST [13] . Trust with your customers, with your stakeholders, with your employees, with your investors, with your suppliers, with the society you are dealing with.  Believe me, it is the only way!

Think for a second about what is going on right now in the world. To me it is not a question of economic crisis or paradigm-shift, it is basically a lack of Trust. People are tired of being cheated [14], of companies that are not up to their promises [15], of brands that not comply with their generated expectations [16] …  Which  has led them to look for new alternatives and companies and brands they can really trust, being the result a new scenario where:

– New companies [17] that convey respectability have flourished.

– Existing leading companies like HP [18], P&G and Ali Baba [19], are pushing their corporate values and demanding their employees to comply with them , no matter what.




Ignacio Gafo