The other day my former IE MBA student and now good friend, Iñigo de Luis, drew my attention to an article published in Fast Company  magazine about the so called Generation Flux.

How do they describe the Generation Flux?

In their own words:  “What defines GenFlux is a mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates–and even enjoys–recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions. It is not so much a demographic segmentation but a psychographic one.”

Using my own words I would say that Gen Flux is characterized by being: successful professionals with diverse educational background and diverse professional and industry experience. Or rather said… people with chaotic cv’s working in places where you will not expect them to be …

Is this a new generation fad or the generation of the future?

Well, the fact is that “business as usual” used to be ruled by two premises: Knowledge was power and Experience the know how for future success.

None of this is completely true anymore. Kodak, GM, Nokia, Motorola, … needed something more than experience and knowledge to overcome current disruptive market environment.

My view is that companies don’t need so much people that just have some business know-how  but people that have the ability to connect the unconnected. To try new things, to experiment and learn, to be open to the next future without preconceived ideas…

Those of you familiar with Innovation Management will recognize this profile as that of an innovator.  But isn’t that the type of  manager we need in this environment of uncertainty?

The pace of change is accelerating and our visibility about the future is dramatically declining. Can you forecast whether in ten years time TV sets will exist? How about the financial system?.

To survive in this climate requires a new approach of thinking but also a new approach of teaching and management.

Two questions come to my mind:

  1. How should Educational Institutions react to this new generation? Should they attract, integrate and learn from such diversity of talent and managerial profiles? .
  2. How can companies embrace and profit from this new generation? How can they prevent that Gen Flux is not rejected from their own company status quo ?

Many Institutions, and our IE Dean in particular, are aware of the importance of integrating humanities and diversity in management programs, but how to integrate this Generation Flux in the education and managerial system ?

Or alternatively, is there a disruption coming in education and management?

A question I still need to think about.

Do you have a point of view?

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Cristina February 22, 2012 - 9:44 am

Estoy muy de acuerdo contigo Carmen. Es muy necesario que las empresas abran su mente y los perfiles de los profesionales que contratan evolucionen hacia unos conocimientos complementarios a los que ya tienen y que les ayuden a pensar diferente para poder resolver también de modo diferente.

rabaty August 31, 2013 - 4:09 pm

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