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Well, They did it again.
Dove makes me write posts. Everytime I see their new communication campaigns, they make think, they challenge my intuition and rise my admiration.

This time is about men…

I understand after Dove brand expansion success it makes sense to enter adjacent categories to skincare such as haircare, body care … I understand… but MEN?

Even if you think it could be a good business opportunity, how would you enter a male category coming from such strong female perspective?

Well, look at this Dove for men Superbowl ad and judge

Well, what do you think? Moved?

I believe Dove has been able to transfer in a very smart way the Dove Brand purpose to the men’s world…Chapeau!

However, do you think this brand purpose is relevant in the male grooming category ( being shaving the quintessential )?

How can you enter the dominated/super competitive shaving category?

Probably Dove has been guessing about it… in order to build relevance they may look for some unserved functional attributes and show expertise and authority in this matter…

Let me show a couple of ads

Pure Functional, explaining the shaving as a ritual

and more insightful…. shaving is a ritual from fathers to sons. Shaving is more than a shave…Beautiful.

Think beyond your razor they say!!!! ( I wonder what is Gillette thinking now…right?)

…and  a great insight about  the meaning of shaving:  reassuring and make men feel confident

What do you think ?

What would you have done?

I would like to make this post more interactive. Please tell me your point of view!

Answer yes/no in this (anonymous) survey to this question Do you think is appropriate for Dove to expand to male care?

I will share the results with you all next week. Promise

I am intriguing to know your opinion, thanks!

Have a nice week


Today I will start with a quiz. Take a look at this classic video from GILLETTE:

YouTube Preview Image

And compare it with this new one from Fusion Proglide…

YouTube Preview Image

Does any difference take your attention?

Exactly!  They are not using Personalities for advertising their new razor, FUSION PROGLIDE. Could be that they got fed up with their personalities (Tiger Woods, Roger Federer or Thierry Henry), or could be as well that they simply realized that the voice and experience of anonymous people is more credible and effective…

YouTube Preview Image

Apparenttly, if we exclude this small advertising detail, it looks like the launch of FUSION PROGLIDE is business as usual for Gillette:

o   New improved product, with new state-of-the art functionalities.

o   Worldwide advertising campaigns, leveraging on all available media (digital media included).

o   Aggressive trial and promotional campaigns.

o   New relaunched branding (Fusion… Proglide).

o   And of course, new increased prices per blade to pay for the R&D and outstanding shaving experience…

YouTube Preview Image

So far so good but: Is it really an innovation? Or are we facing a Fusion relaunch to escape from regression? In other words: IS IT AN INVASION OR DEFENCE?

What drives my suspicion? No clear evidence, I admit, but a sense that they things could not have worked as expected with Fusion… I know that the launch of the product was extremely successful (many analyst termed it one of the most successful in the history of the FMCG) but, what has been the real performance of Fusion? Have they managed to sell as many blades as expected, or are people switching back to the Math 3? Have they managed to be up to the expected cross selling of other shaving related products, or do they still have a large work ahead?

PR and Product Reviews speak about a new breakthrough, that they have launched only 4 years after Fusion, compared to the 10 that passed by between Mach 3 and Fusion…

You must be brave to challenge P&G, who is managing Gillette since 2005, but I will take the risk of questioning the invasion and term it defense…


Ignacio Gafo

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